The Other Google Analytics

How analytical is Google management? Very analytical:

We measure everything, and we systematized every aspect of what’s happening in the company. For example, we introduced a spreadsheet product this week. I’ve already received my hourly updates on the number of people who came in to apply to use the spreadsheet, the number of people who are actually using it, the size of the spreadsheets.

That is remarkably detailed stuff. Is it useful? Good question, but don’t doubt that realtime management is here.

[via L.A. Times]


  1. C’mon Paul, they are The Smartest Guys in the Room. Would you expect anything less?

  2. This proves that over the last 18 months Google has become the “world’s most complex blog machine”.
    Google product team churns out new products like Scoble churns out blog posts. Google PR does their thing and the blogosphere hums with activity. Meanwhile, Schmidt merely acts as the blogger’s ego as he tallies up the number of hits and analyzes the feedback.
    If the analytics had AI capabilities it would go ahead and suggest they crank up the Adwords font a bit more about now.

  3. But they never release that information!
    They’re in the market of providing information, yet they don’t disclose enough information to their investors about their business.
    I find that to be a problem: if your internal culture (of not releasing information) is diametrically opposed to that of your market (the market for information services) then sooner or later there will be a cultural chasm between you and your market that is sure to cost you.
    A VC who commented on my recent post on a major technical problem with Google Spreadsheets had a great point to make about this. In reply to his comments on my blog I put a link back to his post on this subject, so you may find it their if you’re interested.

  4. Are you kidding me? Every web company I know of tracks rudimentary and I mean rudimentary stats like those. Seriously that is baby stuff for any web-based app or service. Ask Amazon the stats they track on a real time basis… The google love fest sometimes is amazing to me. Get over it people.

  5. Hmmm, Google love fest? Here? Surely you jest.
    I know Amazon tracks lots of data in realtime, as does Google. This was meant to be merely an another example, not somehow definitive.

  6. All this BI and KM related stuff reminded me of an internal Google tool I once heard about:

  7. PK –
    Wasn’t necessarily citing you as a google love fest – more like the general blogosphere is in general one big google love fest.
    I’ve worked at a few web companies and it’s SOP to track everything as much as possible. Google isn’t any more brilliant then any other company at this point they just have more money then most other companies and a margin that even MSFT probably now envies.

  8. Funny mixture of ultra-rational, black-hat, dissection and analysis, with creative, whimsical, what-if, pie-in-the-sky, who-cares-if-it-doesnt-make sense, lateral thinking.
    Don’t envy Eric; some days it must be like lunatic asylum. Is it a black hat day or a green hat day today ?