One Word. Nuclear.

Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. McGuire: Plastics.
The Graduate (1967)

Nuclear. It’s the latest energy-related venture category. I have heard it said a number of times in recent months, but the point was driven home by Peter Wagner of Accel in comments this week at the IBF venture capital conference in San Francisco. He literally asked for n-word deal flow.

It actually has possibilities, especially if you think carefully about where you want to be in the fuel/production/delivery chain. Meanwhile, if nothing else, Wagner will soon be best friends with local Palo Alto Homeland Security officials.

[via Joshua @ VC Ratings]


  1. Except that it’s going to take 10 years for any new nuclear technology to really realize its potential.

  2. 10 years? What an optimist.
    10 years after they decide to do it.
    30 years ago a did research in nuclear fusion. Back then they said 25 years to commercialisation. Now the “guess” is more like 50 years.

  3. Really? Renewables look better everyday. And if handled right, could do a lot to help the economy.

  4. I posted a somewhat lengthy comment on this topic last week,
    and thought I’d take this Saturday AM to revisit my various postings and see what else has been illuminated.
    But it has been removed.
    Why have a comment section if you don’t allow posting? Or, do alternate opinions, in clean language and cited examples irk you?
    I’ll reserve opinion, for now.

  5. Jonathan — I allow comments, and there are plenty of them here. In addition, I don’t generally delete posts, unless they are spam, or I deem them unfit for my site (which is rare). Your previous post struck me, perhaps incorrectly, as spam. I can’t recall precisely why, but I do remember it being entirely off-topic.