Notes from Here and There

Some things worth reading that I don’t have time to do more than a drive-by on:


  1. Franklin Stubbs says:

    Isn’t “bureaucratic and disorganized” sort of an oxymoron? My impression was that they are shooting more for creative chaos.

  2. Michael Davey says:

    I suspect that someday we are going to find out there is a lot less “there” there than the cognoscenti thinks. I think you recognize this Paul.

  3. Michael Robinson says:

    Paul: “social networks rule”
    Two of the top fifty web properties listed (in terms of unique visitors) are social networks.
    This must be a definition of “rule” with which I’ve previously been unacquainted.

  4. Michael — The comment was intended to be deflating and ironic wrt social network hyperbole, as in “social networks rule, dood”, but my inflection apparently didn’t make it through as clearly as I intended.