Microsoft is Bad For Your Health

Microsofties are dropping like flies: First it was Scoble, then it was Gates, and now we have Martin Taylor exiting abruptly. A direct Ballmer report responsible for marketing of Windows Live and MSN, there is definitely something behind this sudden change.

More broadly, this is another nail in Steve Ballmer’s coffin. Taylor was a Ballmer protege and friend, hand-picked to play point on the company’s anti-Google plans. With Taylor now being unceremoniously being shown the exit — within 24 hours of being everywhere promoting Microsoft’s latest Windows Live launch — it is another sign that Ballmer is the wrong guy at the wrong time for Microsoft.


  1. Too bad – he must have had talent if he was the guy behind all the “Live” branding.
    Before the tacking of “Live” onto all their brands, I had thought nothing could have topped the confused morass that was “.Net” branding. Yet somehow “Live” is even MORE confounding than “.Net”.

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    Microsoft: “We’ve made the difficult decision to part ways with Martin, but we don’t comment on personnel matters,”
    So, what do we know?
    1. Microsoft made the decision, not Martin.
    2. No face-saving “spend more time with his family” cover story was concocted.
    3. No plans for transition are apparent.
    4. The announcement of his departure comes less than three months after the announcement of his transfer to Windows Live.
    5. The announcement comes within a day of the Windows Live launch.
    My guess is one of two things happened:
    1. Steve caught Martin in bed with Connie.
    2. Martin told Steve to chill out about Google, already.

  3. Michael Robinson says:

    (P.S. In case anyone thinks #2 above is a stretch, consider these classic Ballmer quotes:
    “My children–in many dimensions they’re as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension I’ve got my kids brainwashed: You don’t use Google, and you don’t use an iPod.”
    “Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I’m … I’m going to fucking kill Google.”)

  4. Franklin Stubbs says:

    How long til the book comes out I wonder…

  5. fartikus says:

    now taylor can move on to tasks more interesting than working at a large tech company, like watching paint dry.

  6. There is a third reason.
    A chair flew from one end of the room to another.

  7. Working with MS on TV stuff.
    Internal code name “TV2” – great branding – next generation of TV, etc.
    Their talented branding people get their claws on it –
    “Microsoft TV – IPTV Edition”
    lame… Do they promotefailed programmers to branding?

  8. It’s difficult to be more confounding than .Net, which is of course a multi-language application platform. Or is it some kind of web portal thing? Hmm…

  9. flyonwall says:

    Rumor is that it was inappropriate behavior. Sleeping with someone and expensing things he shouldn’t have been expensing.

  10. Michael Robinson says:
  11. Adam Smith says:

    At long last, Microsoft is crumbling. No adversary will be satisfied until the smouldering-festering ashes are completely extinguished.