Me on CNBC

I’m on CNBC’s “On the Money” show today shortly after 4pm PST. The subject, for the second day running, is YouTube.


  1. Margo Perry says:

    Loved your spot on Wisconsin Public Radio Sunday evening driving back up here to Warrens, WI after spending the weekend with a redneck friend who lives in the Ozarks…I spent all last evening on youtube and even downloaded some of the videos. I must admit I’m afraid of viruses and of spyware (I’m sure there are some turkeys taking advantage of the free space) and I hope that my Symantac virusware and spyware takes care of any intrusions.
    Thanks for telling my about youtube. I imagine that this latest attempt by our “smaller government” Republican Congress to stifle the freedom on the Internet will succeed…I’ll write to my Senators but I have very little faith in anyone in DC…though, I do have faith in one of our WI senators, Russ Feingold. He had the balls to criticize the Iraq invasion and the nation building that is making American defense contractors rich with my tax dollars, but his voice is definitely in the minority. I’ll keep on truckin’…again, thanks for turning me onto youtube.
    Margo Perry