Hooked on Overplot: Get Craig Burritos

I’m hooked on coder extraordinaire Mihai Parparita’s overplot. A mashup of Overheard in New York (people recording what they hear on the streets of New York) with Google Maps and Google reader, it’s a great way to wander the quotebase, especially when you use the integrated Google search too.

Here is a current favorite that was overheard in Times Square:

Guy: He should just go back to selling drugs in Colombia, forget about Wall Street.

Here is another overplot find, this time from the Williamsburg bridge:

Chick: Did you know Craigslist is in like a billion cities but only employs nineteen people?
Guy: That’s not that weird; what would people who work for Craigslist do?
Chick: I dunno…Moderate. Get Craig burritos.

Or this ready-for-a-New-Yorker cartoon one from Central Park:

Girl: Omigod! I saw you on the internet!
Hobo: You’re like the hundredth person to tell me that tonight.

Finally, for techies only, Mihai has a technical description of how he created overplot here.