Google Reader is Good

Google Reader is getting better and better. Today’s update almost takes it to the point of being … entirely usable. But the mobile version of GReader is better yet: It’s actually really good. Recommended.


  1. Thank God. I’ve been looking for a good mobile feed reader, but the ones I’ve tried on both the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices totally suck. AvantGo does feeds now, which is not bad, but I’m still looking for one that will do it right.

  2. ill have to try the mobile version out on my pda..
    as far as the web based reader, i dont think it has much to offer, the interface is very blah along with available options
    much rather stick with rojo and/or newsgator
    if you have a windows mobile device you may want to check out pRSS reader if you haven’t already Matthew.

  3. I’ve used Rojo as a web-based rss aggregator lately but there are things that annoy me about it (the mark all feeds read for example seems to work by date so if a feed comes in later it will also be marked as read and you might never notice it).
    The best I’ve seen though is definetely RSS Bandit. Too bad it’s desktop software and I like reading my feeds at any random computer.
    I’ll give google a try.