Big Microsoft News: Gates is Gone (Sort of (Soon))

Major Microsoft news is apparently coming at 1:30 PST. There is lots of speculation about what the news might be — especially given that it’s Gates and Ballmer running the announcement — with a big restructuring being high on the speculative
list. Watch the live feed here.

As a techie aside, the URL is a funky one, with a “MA” suffix, as opposed to the usual “PR” suffix. What does that mean?

[Update] The news is now out. Gates is transitioning (read: semi-retiring) over the next two years out of a day-to-day role at Microsoft, and Craig Mundie and Ray Ozzie are being elevated to more senior roles. Strangely absent from the press release until the sixth paragraph is Steve Ballmer, at least in any more than a perfunctory description. Were I him, I would take it as an indication of weak support for his performance.


  1. The world is a better place because of Bill Gates, and he will make sure in his remaining years that his real legacy is that of a humanitarian. Bono from U2 is one of his best friends and has influenced and inspired him greatly. The world is a better place for both of them.
    Bill Gates takes philanthropy very seriously. He looks for the best human return on his investment in order to make a real difference in the world. It is hard work to sort through all the requests to find the ones that are effective and can really improve the lives of the most people. Gates is not interested in having his name plastered on libraries and museums that mostly rich people enjoy. He wants the money to benefit the poor people in real demonstrable ways.
    I wrote a blog about the good work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You can read about it here.
    Don Dodge

  2. Hahahahah — thats really funny — oh, wait you are serious?
    Gee, I guess you must be too young to recall that Gates was never big into philanthropy, and was eventually kinda embarrassed into it by a number of critics.
    He was late to the philanthropy business. There was a time when he was worth ~ 100 billion and he was doing basically nothing for charities. It became an embarrasment to him as the media started hammering him about his lack of philanthropy. His stock answer was “I am still young….”.
    Funny thing though, when the anti-trust hearings strated revving up, so did his philanthropy.
    As to the world being a better place because of Bill Gates — put the Press Release and the crack pipe down, and back away slowly away from the PC.
    (Don, you work for the man — stop sucking up)
    You may now return to prior artificial reality.

  3. I read, in the UU World, that Gates’s philanthropy was heavily influenced by his father’s philanthropy.

  4. Franklin Stubbs says:

    I hereby volunteer to devote my life to philanthropy too, provided someone set me up with a few tens of billions (give or take) and a 70,000 square foot house.

  5. Adam S. says:

    Barry, your criticisms are pointless and misguided. Gates’ philanthropy has been exceptional, not just for its scope, but for the intelligence with which his foundation has gone about picking causes to work on and solutions to fund. When a man is giving away billions of dollars to attack some of the root causes of human misery, it takes a really curdled point of view to quibble with his timing or motivation.
    I sense the only artifical reality here is the “Gates is the devil” world of dedicated Microsoft-haters.

  6. Come on Paul. Restructuring? Take a moment and study this company’s financials. I will take m s f t. Its on sale.

  7. I am a Microsoft competitor, and I say Gates is one of the most extraordinary philanthropists ever. Go to India and Africa to see his work. The man is going to win a well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize. Let’s not let our Microsoft-hatred color everything about the man’s good work.

  8. – the MA probably stands for “Major Announcment” :-)
    – woohoo. isn’t bill great. he gives away some of his ill gotten wealth. hooray for him.

  9. the foundation was started in 1994. he wasn’t
    worth $100b in 1994. Gates is going to leave
    98% of his fortune to the foundation and well
    Larry Ellison is going to race boats and fighter
    jets and borrow on his Oracle stock for toys.
    yes Gates is evil incarnate.

  10. Will good come out of Mr.Gates charity? Considering the huge amounts of money, in the statistics of a shotgun blast, yes.But is there another side?Everyone says Mr.Gates is such a hands on person who gets involved, but is this true? Is Mr.Gates just another rich man who enjoys being stroked? It is fair, it is his money. However, I would like everyone to consider Mr.Gates as a master of the media. See my website, Please note the former surgeon general regretted my treatment and Noam Chomsky has said my theory could be of phenomenal importance to mankind, plus other noteable supporters of my research. However, my research is black listed because I pointed out academic fraud by Yale and Waterloo (RIM) universities. Mr.Gates is in a working relationship with Waterloo and gave a massive amount of money to Yale. But Yale and Waterlo have blocked cancer and AIDS theories to cover up fraud,so see my research proposal to the Gates Foundation on my website (Red Zone at bottom ,after Merck and Pfizer, # 5 check )and asking Melinda Gates as a mom to see its importance to her children’s lives. If AIDS interacts with bird flu it could tag 70% of mankind for death. Did either Bill or Melinda care for their kids? A kind correspondent replied thank you but we already fund AIDS research, and good luck to your colleagues. Unless I put a lab coat on my pussy cat, I have no colleagues. Can Mr.Gates think outside of the box? Can he even read? Is this fair? Look at the website and everything Mr Gates is taking credit for then answer the question. Thank you. E.A.Greenhalgh