Tech: My Firefox Extensions

Firefox browser extensions are a killer app for me, making it an incredibly useful platform. I mention some of them now and then, like Performancing, but I’ve never really given the whole list. Well, here is a capture of my full extension set:

Granted, extensions are far from perfect. There should, for example, be a way for me to package ‘em up and synch ‘em, the way I do with bookmarks via Foxmarks. And there should be a way for people to subscribe to extensions, the same way people can subscribe to a feed or a blog syndication feed. Nevertheless, extensions are a big help for me, and I couldn’t imagine doing without them.

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  1. I’ve used many of those before, but I found that Firefox was chewing up RAM and not releasing it properly, so I disabled a bunch. I guess I just need to buy more memory.

  2. sdf says:

    yes, some extensions have memory leak problems. i usually ignore that unless it gets out of hand… buying 2 gb of ram is cheap enough nowadays :-)

  3. yeah, that’s my view as well. I’ve got 2 gb of ram here, so losing 84mb to firefox doesn’t trouble me all that much.