So Long, And Thanks For All the Web 2.0

I just received a message from the organizers of this year’s O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference, and it summarizes the topics for the 2006 edition. One of them caught my eye right away:

Defining Web 3.0: What’s Next

So long, and thanks for the all the Web 2.0. Mind you, if Web 2.0 is about Web 3.0 (and eventually Web 4.0) aren’t we going to sooner or later have some sort of memetic mismatch error?


  1. Good point. Elevator boys will start giving out stock tips next. This’ll carry on until Dec 2007.

  2. Aren’t we supposed to get Web 2.1 first? Never trust a dot-oh release!

  3. Never forget that dbase 2 was release without ever a dbase 1.
    Smart marketing even in those days when the world was stupid..? or maybe not…