Schwag Watch at “D”

My friend Eric Savitz over at Barron’s has a great itemized list of all the schwag he has received from attending “D” this week in Carlsbad, California. Judging by the list, this is a near all-time winner on the Schwag Index:

  • A Martha Stewart Everyday nonstick small cookie sheet, along with a spiral ring notebook called “30 Things Everyone Should Know” (As seen on Martha, it says on the cover.)
  • A 6-month pass for Real Networks’ Rhapsody music service.
  • From Sony, the 30th anniversary edition of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, the four-disk set of Johnny Cash songs called Cash the Legend and DVDs of both Capote and Memoirs of a Geisha.
  • From Disney, a DVD of High School Musical, and a CD of the Cars soundtrack.
  • A discount certificate good for up to 65% off on up to five chairs from Steelcase.
  • An advance copy of The Long Tail, the new book from Wired editor Chris Anderson.
  • A card advising me to stop by the Sun Microsystems booth for a free bottle of Robert Modavi Woodbridge Merlot (only the first 100 people on each day of the conference.
  • Not in the bag, but still schwag: a D conference vest. And a Golf Channel windbreaker.
  • SCHWAG UPDATE: Found on my pillow tonight: a box of Junior Mints, and a ticket valid for Fandango Bucks worth one free movie ticket, courtesty of the investment bank Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin.

A fun game that I play now and then to childishly amuse myself is to reconstruct the sociographic profile of conference attendees based on the schwag bag. Judging by this list, “D” attendees are middle-aged, golf-playing, gadget-happy, would-be hipsters.

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