Please Google, No New Products — Part XXIV

My “please Google, no new products” club — we sensible sorts who think Google has product ADD and should actually finish something someday — has another charter member: Mike over at TechCrunch:

I also wonder about Google’s dedication to its own projects. For example, what will be the fate of Google Bookmarks now that Google Notepad has launched? Google Labs is littered with half baked and half finished products. I see little or no product vision coming out of Google, sitting fat and arrogant on it its Adsense revenues.

To be fair, I’m less critical of Google Lab offerings — they are really just public feature tests — than I am of quasi-launched Google products & services, like Gmail, Talk, Calendar, etc., that ship and then go into stasis. Nevertheless, I appreciate the company in my mission. Mike’s t-shirt is in the mail.


  1. Did you ever see that famous Nike poster:
    “There is no finish line.” It was Nike’s internal mantra until they came up with the brilliant: “Just do it.”
    So what’s wrong with those attitudes at Google?
    PS. The idea that Gmail has gone into stasis is based on what? And Calendar, how do you know it’s in stasis? Google does constantly change their stuff. Could it be that in the service release model it’s too hard to see that?

  2. Hear hear John K.
    Although Google does seem to be making the mistake Yahoo and AltaVista made a few years ago. Thier ‘portalisation’ meant they lost sight of search, allowing Google to kick search butt.

  3. Too many people give Google a free pass when it comes to innovation. With all those “20% projects,” people start ignoring the core product: Google Search. Everything is levered to the search business. Anyway, a couple of Bain consultants have introduced a buzzword to describe the problem at Google – the “innovation fulcrum”: