Microsoft / Ebay

While Microsoft has almost certainly looked at buying Ebay in the past, there is enough buzzing again about the subject to make it obvious that it has become more serious discussions again.

Should Microsoft do the deed? Put it this way: In the absence of the company making a big, culture-changing move I would have negligible confidence in Microsoft as a growth story going forward. Ebay may not be sufficient to put Microsoft back on a real growth curve, but an acquisition like Ebay is necessary — assuming, of course, Microsoft continues to refuse to lie quietly and generate cash like the good annuity that it is.


  1. I agree that if Microsoft wasn’t going to make a culture-changing move, there would be no reason to have confidence in the growth of the company, but with the hiring of Ray Ozzie and the move to “intertwine Microsoft’s entire product line” with the Internet, Microsoft is making that culture-changing move. I have a post about it here and there’s an article in fortune here about the changes to Microsoft.