Microsoft Buying Yahoo Equity Stake: Yes!

The story in this morning’s Wall Street Journal about a Google-panicked Microsoft possibly buying an equity stake in Yahoo isn’t getting as much attention as I would have expected. It almost certainly won’t happen — the two companies could hardly be less well suited to one another, with Microsoft having negative savvy in Yahoo’s consumer media markets — which is why if I were Brin/Page/Schmidt I’d do everything I could to convince supposed tie-up promoter Henry Vigil to get off his ass and make it happen. After all, there are few things better for your business than thoroughly distracting your two largest competitors.


  1. hmmn – you think SAP has been organizing that for Oracle over and over again?

  2. fartikus says:

    and what would microsoft bring to yahoo? nothing from what i can see. more bureaucracy, more pressure (now yahoo execs get to worry about vista too), more pointless obsession with making everything tech conform to the microsoft worldview…oh, microsoft would also bring along their lodestone stock activity.
    okay, so microsoft has money. so does yahoo, enough to run and grow their business as they see fit.

  3. In the last 6 months the search results by Google have been far less than satisfactory. It seems that Google has hit the wall of diminishing returns..
    Microsoft would do well to let them the current rate of continued ineptitude of their Google Search Engine they will become far easier to become a target for some of the newer and smaller Search Emgines.

  4. Mark Purinton says:

    If Yahoo concedes to Microsoft’s offer then this allows Google to dominate. Yes!