Hanging with Steve Ballmer — Loudly

Steve Ballmer has been everywhere lately, apparently doing some sort of public penance for recent Microsoft missteps over its $2-billion expense surprise. This interview is typical of its frustrating sort, with Ballmer clumsily spinning and generally trying to fruitlessly position Microsoft as an innovator rather than as cash pump that it is.

An aside: The editorial comment in the following snippet made me laugh:

Q: Sony’s helping you out there, too.

A: (Loudly:) We’re off to a great start! We’re happy for the runway we’ve been given! (Voice returns to normal.)

Only an interview with Steve Ballmer would need to contain periodic editorial annotation about the interviewee’s oscillating volume.


  1. Ballmer got called out by a clasy wall street
    pro in Barron’s this weekend. Lets hope he
    reads Barron’s. I agree with you. He is becoming
    a caricature. He is a spin meister and that
    doesn’t seem to fit with the whole Bill Gates
    luvs Warren Buffett thing. They need a real
    grown up CEO.

  2. Missed it. Where is the Ballmer mention in the weekend Barron’s?

  3. Paul see the Joe Rosenberg interview. He thinks msft is hoarding cash…