Cowbells, Blogsturbating, and Batsuits

I like to pass these on now and then, so here are some more varyingly familiar words and phrases repurposed in recent venture meetings.

more cowbell: Adding something to a product or service to give it a little extra-special oomph. Usage: Just a bit more cowbell and that Mars-Earth mashup of yours would be awesome.
(Source: A famous SNL skit when Chistopher Walken demands “more cowbell” during repeated takes of the Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.)

putting nipples on the batsuit: Adding something unnecessary or silly to a product or service, especially something that ruins the thing altogether. Usage: Changing the interface on your search engine from pink to plaid is nipples on the batsuit.
(Source: Director Joel Schumacher famously helped ruin the Batman film franchise by turning it into a homoerotic camp, in particular by putting nipples on the batsuit.)

blogsturbating: Compulsively, sureptitiously, and regularly reading one’s own blog. Usage: Where’s Dave? Oh, he’s been in his office blogsturbating most of the morning.
(Source: I thought I made this one up, but I see it around via Google. Nevertheless, I have gone on to use it waaaay too many times.)


  1. Paul, I’d pay big bucks to be in the meeting where you tell an entrepreneur, “there’s a fine line between the right amount of cowbell and nipples on the batsuit”

  2. McDruid says:

    Don’t forget “Fan Service.”