CNBC in China

Starting tonight, CNBC’s “On the Money” program — on which I have pleasurably appeared a few times — is doing an interesting looking three-night series from China. Here is an excerpt from the release:

…The series leads off with a report from Hangzhou, China located in the Zhejiang Province. This is a quaint little town. Well, that is if you consider a population of five million people quaint. Its surged ahead by rapidly developing communities that support production for companies such as Siemens, Motorola, Mary Kay and dozens of others.

Next, [host Mike] Hegedus goes inside Youngor Group – the biggest Garment manufacturer in China. It sells under the Youngor label in Asia, but it also makes clothing for Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Nike. It has the work force, it owns the market, and it’s not even automated. And just wait until you see what’s coming next.

Finally, Hegedus explores the “wild west of architecture.” More skyscrapers have been constructed in Shanghai over the past year than in the entire history of Manhattan. Hegedus talks to an American architect working in Shanghai about the light speed growth and change.

“On the Money” is broadcast at 7 PM ET weekdays.