Browsers are Ba-ack

Remarkable. Two points make a trend, so now with both Flock having received venture money, as well as the newly-announced venture financing of Maxthon, we have officially cycled all the way back to 1996.

Charles River Ventures (CRV) today announced that it has led an investment in Beijing-based Maxthon, the originators of the Maxthon Browser, which has been downloaded more than 55 million times since 2003. CRV joins early investors Morten Lund, a seed investor in Skype, and WI Harper in providing Maxthon with funds to further fuel the company’s already rapid growth.

More seriously, this is an interesting and ballsy platform move by Charles River Ventures. I’ll get into it more later.


  1. This is an interesting investment from Charles River Ventures. Maxthon is basically Internet Explorer with tabbed browsing. I wonder how well Maxthon will do when IE 7 is officially launched because the IE 7 beta 2 preview seems have everything Maxthon does.

  2. Andrew, you need to take a second look , or rather use it to see the difference. IE7 is just plain vanilla.

  3. Netanel:
    I have used Maxthon and the difference isn’t obvious, which is why I havent spent much time using it. Maybe you could elaborate on why people should use Maxthon instead of IE7, Firefox, Safari or Flock. No founder has an ugly startup so when you say “IE7 is just plain vanilla,” it isn’t very convincing. Regardless, congrats on securing part of your Series A round, it is a major accomplishment.

  4. Andrew, what I mean is what you can accomplish, control and customize much more in Maxthon that the current alternatives. The list is so long that it wouldnt even be right to try to list all here. However, a lot of features and customization possibilites are not very apperance at a glance, so you would need to give Maxthon a couple of weeks at least to discover what you can do. That is something we want to improve in the future since it is still a bit geeky.
    Thanks for the congratulations btw!