Yo, Anyone Speak Analyst?

Equity analysts speak their own bizarro lingo. Case in point: The following from a story on the recent financial miss by chinese food outfit P.F. Chang’s:

Fitzhugh Taylor, III, an analyst at Bank of America, said that “with
negative Pei Wei comps and continued sluggishness at the Bistro, we
believe there is a chance of further deleveraging of margins during the
quarter given external inflationary pressures.”

Easy for you to say … Fitzhugh.


  1. Michael Robinson says:

    P.F. Chang’s is not a Chinese food outfit.
    At best it is a “Chinese” food outlet, but that is, in my opinion, unduly generous. Even thoroughly Americanized Chinese restaurants, run by fourth-generation Cantonese who have never been to China, serve food that is recognizably Chinese, but not P.F. Chang’s.
    No Chinese person willingly eats food like that.

  2. You’re right. As a conscientous P.F. Chang’s objector, I should have said it is a “bastardized purveyor of Cali-Chinese fusion glop”.

  3. Why not get your analyst buddy, Crispin, to translate?

  4. Say who? Crispin?

  5. Sorry, I meant Pip.