We Need a Virtual Currency Exchange

How much virtual currency is out there, from free credits to points? Hundreds of millions? Billions? Whatever the answer, we’re way past the point where we need convertibility and a currency exchange to get we “over-currencied” sorts some liquidity.


  1. One exists, they’re even publicly traded. http://www.points.com/home/login.do?method=enter
    They don’t do it all, but they do a lot, and the only catch is the almost all exchange rates suck. So maybe what we really need is a good virtual currency exchange.

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    Great idea!
    Speaking of virtual currency, an even better idea would be an exchange where people leaving a company with unvested shares/options could sell their unvested shares/options to new hires.
    The prevested.com domain is currently available for anyone interested in pursuing this opportunity.