This Online Video Thing Could Pan Out

Boffo coverage of online video over the last few days. Hey, this video thing could eventually become big:

  • Given the success of CBS’s March Madness on Demand, more free online TV offerings are on the way (
  • Online video viewing has become commonplace (26% watch once a week), and people take action on ads therein (44% of respondents) (OPA)
  • YouTube is now showing 30-million videos day: Is the next Napster or the next NBC (BusinessWeek)

As an aside, the most interesting things about the OPA study are a) the relatively high click-thrus on video ads (which will quickly mean you’ll never be able to watch a web site in peace); and b) that the authors excluded adult content. The latter omission will really skew the online video data, no pun intended.


  1. Now if only the movie industry can get away from pompous offerings like this.
    Pay 2x the cost of a DVD for a downloadable movie that’s hobbled with DRM that prevents you from being able to play it on your TV.
    The funny thing about piracy is that it’s been around for ages, but generally, at least if you paid for a legit movie you’d get a better product (picture quality, etc.) than if you got a ripped-off version.
    However, in the case of paid downloads, it seems like the industry is dead-set on offering consumers a product that is significantly *worse* than what they could download for free from BitTorrent.

  2. I have been getting frustrated lately with the resolution of youtube stuff and with all the skipping in the videos. If found another site that works better to embed videos. It’s called veoh. YouTube is cool, but I think Veoh offers a bit more in terms of really being able to broadcast higher definition videos. Think everything YouTube has without the restrictions. Try it out.

  3. david hoffman says:

    anyone have any insight on the future of online tv being a .tv rather than .com scenario?
    it seems theres a lot more availibility for sites that way…