The Big Boom

Very strange moment here in San Diego this morning:

SAN DIEGO — A big boom was heard around San Diego County Tuesday morning, but it was unclear what caused it.

The U.S. Geological Survey and CalTech said there was no seismic activity in the San Diego area.

“We are not showing any seismic activity in San Diego. So, it was something else. It wasn’t an earthquake,” said Deborah Williams-Hedges, a spokeswoman for CalTech.

….A spokesman at Camp Pendleton in North County said they were doing routine artillery training Tuesday morning, but it was not known whether that was responsible for the rattling felt all over the region.

Showing you how blase you become as a parent, I was in the shower at the time, felt the boom, and assumed it was just one of my kids falling down the stairs. I went on showering.


  1. In the mid-80s this happened in Los Angeles. I believe it later turned out to be the Space Shuttle landing at Edwards and due to a quirk in the entry, they passed back through the sound barrier closer to LA than expected.

  2. Yes, it wouldn’t entirely surprise me to find out a Miramar F-16 jet broke the sound barrier somewhere nearby off the coast. Still, was remarkably strong and long sensation, like an underground bomb test.

  3. Franklin Stubbs says:

    That must be one mean flight o’ stairs…