Solipsism: Site Facelift

Repeat visitors to the site will notice that I have done a fairly substantial (although still incompete) facelift of IG. I was tired of the old interface — both in terms of flexibility and appearance — so I started doing a major change, only to abandon it for lack of time. So what you’re seeing is an interim step along the path, but I think it’s fresher and a little more palatable.

And to slow down the inevitable comments, yes, I know this looks like Site X, or Site Y, or Site Z. I am a talentless oaf when it comes to graphical design, so I have borrowed bits and pieces from here and there, and I will continue to irritate as some of those bits (or pieces) fall by the wayside.

Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas for improvements.


  1. Thanks for the fresh change, I was getting tired of the old design because of the dull-ish color scheme. Speaking of which, the new design could definitely use some colors. Keep up the good posting

  2. Thanks. Colors coming. Had ’em in last night, but were messing things up. Will happen ….

  3. I like it. Nice, clean look.

  4. Thanks Mathew. Your site’s clean lines was a partial inspriration!

  5. Daniel Nerezov says:

    Kwel, I kinda like it. IG’s got this “major publication” feel to it with the “Latest Stories” feature.
    Also, you can get some great designs from or and put them to a vote.

  6. Main suggestions for improvement:
    – the darkish-blue on dark-blue lettering in the banner is hard to read, especially in the type next to your picture
    – the adwords block between the banner and the content is annoying, a lot more than the ads in the sidebar
    I like the content a lot better than the layout… better that than the other way round.
    Hope this helps,

  7. Thanks Andrew. Appreciate the comments.

  8. It’s definitely getting better. My favorite features:
    – “Latest Comments”
    – Your comments being darker grey.
    I’d suggest having a min-width center text column. I.e. make sure it’s at least 500px wide. Then center the ads in it.
    Also, unify the fonts in the right column. You mix sans and serif fonts seemingly randomly. It’d be less noisy if they were all the same.
    I like the removal of the tag cloud – it speeds up page load now that it’s gone. I’d move the search up to the top right – where it’s expected.
    While I’m at it, I think you could get rid of the calendar, and the Amazon books (or change them once in a while :)

  9. I must say that I am not a real fan of it. It seems to – sterile. The old site had more warmth to it. To me, the post gets lost in a sea of black and white. The title is a bit more difficult to read as previously mentioned. Some people have a side column of blogs that they read / like. Perhaps such a feature would be nice to include as well?

  10. My two cents: I like the bluer color scheme but I don’t like the light-light grey background. I think a blue/dark blue base with a sun yellow highlight might be a good color scheme for this blog. Why does the list of latest articles have to be in the center and not on the side as it always was? Timestamps for your posts would be good.

  11. Wow. Great service! PK, you are more responsive than the waiters at the Creamery. At least you’ll have 1 read who likes the changes.

  12. I’ve already forgotten what the old site looked like. Maybe it was glowing with warmth ?
    New site looks good, works well.
    Would like google ads to be in a contrasting colour from the content.
    When is the URL changing to ?
    You could group all the colophon (e-mail, about, etc) together.

  13. Just noticed that your recent posts don’t seem to have a trackback URL… have you removed this?