Peter Lynch vs. the Playmates

Investor Peter Lynch famously advocated that you invest in what you know best. Look at what you see your kids buying, and so on. Well, and Playboy have a created a silly and adolescent contest wherein they they have a bevy of Playboy models invest in what they know, from ethanol (it’s good for trees!) on outward, and so far the results are beating the market.

Mind you, the thing produces some bizarre moments, like the following from one Amy Sue Cooper on her pick of Dril Quip, up 50%:

[T]his company has a chance of doing very well. Especially considering the fact that so many countries are industrializing. Plus it’s a drilling company that just sounds exciting.

[via Dealbook]


  1. Brent Holliday says:

    You made me go and look. And then I had to “read” each of their portfolio picks. Some more great quotes “I picked Apple because I eat 3 a day” or Disney “because I used to work there.” What, as a mouseketeer?
    Interestingly, none picked Mentor Corp or Inamed (now Allergan). You’d think…

  2. This sounds strangely like what happens with NCAA tournament brackets every March(sorry for the college hoops analogy Paul). It’s always the aunt, mom, or Canadian who knows nothing about the teams in the tournament, but somehow wins the pool by picking winners based on the merits of, among other things, college mascots. “There’s just no way a badger could beat a bear in a fight” or something like that…
    Someone really needs to start a No Over Thinking fund.