My Times at the NY Times

Maybe I missed an earlier announcement of this, but the New York Times is apparently taking this edge content stuff seriously. It has put up a placeholder page for “My Times”, which it describes as “a personalized page with what you like best in The New York Times and your favorite sites and blogs from all over the web”.

While it’s impossible to tell exactly what it will look like, one of the page thumbnails is a picture of “Nicholas Kristof’s My Times Page”, implying that Times contributors will seed some of the effort with their own news feeds and reading lists.


  1. They announced it the same time they launched the site redesign — I signed up for it the same day, so hopefully I can get a look at it soon. It will be interesting to see how far they take it — will they give you a place to store and share bookmarks, or will it just be a place to put RSS feeds? I can hardly wait.