Microsoft Girds for Google

Microsoft’s third quarter results are out, and it’s basically as expected — except, however, for the newly-added Google line on its income statement.

The Google line, you ask? Yes, the Google line. In fiscal 2007 Microsoft is planning to spend more than $2-billion — like $500mm per quarter — in excess of what most analysts were expecting. What’s all the spending going to be on? Microsoft calls it “investments in future growth”, but a better description would be people, hosting, and the like to go head-on with Google in ads, search, software, and services.

So, what else would you call an expected $2billion charge directed at Google other than the Google line?


  1. i apologise if I hide my identity, but i will tell you the people that work at MS these days are a far cry from those that were there 10 years ago BUT they think they are the same. That the problem, those folks think they still work at The MSFT…but it aint.