Interview with D.E. Shaw (and with Jim Clark)

Yesterday I mentioned Bloomberg television’s wide-ranging interview (alternative energy, drugs, etc.) with scientist turned quant hedge fund guy David Shaw. The full interview is available here, and it is followed by a rare interview with entrepreneur Jim Clark (at timestamp 16:45).

Note: I’ve had a number of questions from people unable to play the file, so see here for instructions from me on how to do so.


  1. Rita Macdonald says:

    Paul, the link to the Bloomberg interview appears corrupted.

  2. Works just fine here. Is your Real player configured to open for protocol “rtsp”? If not, the solution is to copy the above link location (rtsp:// start RealPlayer, and then go to File/Open and paste in the link. It should all work fine then.

  3. Chad Patel says:

    Any possibility of finding a transcript or downloadable video? For reference sake…

  4. I’m not aware of one, but were you unable to view the streaming version?

  5. Good interview but his view on how the government should fund more medical and science projects is a farce! The last thing the world needs is the U.S. government and the science/medical communities to become even closer. Things are bad enough with Uncle Sam turning a blind eye towards Big Pharm and allowing them to lie and poison the world’s people. How many normal kids have to be forced to take Ritalin or pregnant mothers forced to take toxic AIDS medicines until someone finally steps in and says, “Hey you know what? These science geeks don’t know squat about how the human body really works and about nutrition… maybe we should do something!?!?”

  6. antiHenry says:

    Well, someone could step in and say “Hey, you know what? These non-science geeks know soo much about how the human body works. Fuck medicine, i’m going to a faith healer”