Google’s Eric Schmidt Has a Pamela Anderson Video Moment

Eric Schmidt has just had his Pamela Anderson video moment. Okay, so Google’s CEO is not naked and servicing an aging rock star, but he has had a private video come out — the young Eric being trained in a public speaking course — that he undoubtedly wishes had stayed private. (Update: Eric released it himself, the crazy bastard. See end of this post for more.)

To be fair, while the video starts off badly — speaker Schmidt can’t decide what do with his hands, mumbles, meanders, and generally acts like the former CompSci Ph.D. researcher that he is — it gets better as it goes along. Matter of fact, he  actually becomes downright tolerable toward the middle, especially while surprisingly passionately embracing a kinder, gentler Machiavelli, even if it’s obvious that his Mr. M. isn’t very much like the real thing.

In the end, while the video is cliche-ridden and full of management-speak nothings, it is an insight into Schmidt. Watch, for example, as he rehearses smooth non-answers to made-up questions about executive salaries, benefits, and work-at-home programs. Without actually saying anything, Schmidt gives the silky sense of having said something or another. I was having flashbacks to the recent Google analyst day …

[Update 4/21/06] According to an email I received today from Elliot Schrage, Google’s V.P. of Global Communications, Eric released his “Pamela Anderson moment” video himself. That sounds just nutty enough to be true, so my hat’s off to Eric.


  1. Rita Macdonald says:

    This is too funny! I don’t know what I love more about Eric in this video… his glasses, his tie or his speaking ability. Where did you find this? If you wanted to be cruel you would send it to Jon Stewart. I sure he would be equally impressed!

  2. What I find most interesting is the content of what he’s saying. Forget how he is saying it — he’s seems to be talking about stuff he believes in initially, how conflict is important, leads to growth, needs to be tolerated — how without conflict, there’s no life. Pity that only seems something he believes should be applied to within a business as opposed to within a country, say…China?

  3. Interesting to see him this early…you can see alot of the eric’isms even here…too funny.

  4. This is really interesting stuff. The way he started and then how he improved till end of the video… also conflict thing he talked about… too good.