Ebay’s Google/Microsoft/Yahoo Dance

I hardly know where to start with the entertainigly silly discussions between a Google-panicked Ebay and Yahoo & Microsoft.

  • How about the soon-to-be-classic McKinsey report that said Google represented no threat in e-commerce? That will one day be up there with all the classic quotes in technology, like Ken Olsen’s famous no-one needs a personal computer in their home, etc.
  • I’m also fond of how Ebay is simultaneously negotiating with all parties, completely adrift with respect to how best to proceed.


  1. Where can we happen upon a copy of this McKinsey report?

  2. John Hershenfeld says:

    Yet another reason why I classify Mckinseyites as high-class whores. They even had a website http://www.atmcksiney.com in the late 1990s touting e-commerce when they realized that they could get a lucrative revenue stream consulting to companies on getting onto the Internet (the website promptly went down after the collapse of the bubble). It was headed by Anil Kumar, partner of McKinsey.
    McKinsey recruited me straight out of college (I didn’t accept the offer). They hire smart egomaniacal kids and turn them into client-tricking zombies.
    These days more than 50% of their revenue comes from public sector projects where they are tricking governments across the world.

  3. Farooq M Butt says:

    Anyone got a copy of this report?