An Alien S-1

Radio frequency ID (RFID) outfit Alien Technology has filed to go public, with Bear, Stears as the lead underwriter. The filing should come as no surprise, but it is fun reading.

The company did almost $20m in revenues in 2005 (up from just shy of $10m in 2004), although a surprisingly high percentage (more than 30%) was services, not product. More entertaining is the net income line, with Alien having lost a scintillating $53m in 2005 alone, and $140m in losses since inception in 2001.

An unholy host of venture firms put money into Alien across eight (!) rounds of investing. I’ve lost track of how much has gone in, but in excess of $100m was invested during the last three rounds alone. The biggest shareholders are Advanced Equities (a placement agent), NEA, Rho Ventures, and Sevin Rosen.

In other news, Alien is a patent-hungry outfit, with 36 issued and more than 100 patents pending. UC Berkeley is apparently one of the RFID patent licensors, which would make tech transfer folks there giddy.