William O’Neill and the CAN SLIM Investing Diet

Today’s L.A. Times has a lengthy and relatively well-informed profile of Investor’s Business Daily founder William O’Neill and his CAN SLIM approach to investing.

This system, I’ve been promised, works wonders. The name may sound more like a
diet technique than a way to get rich, but it will supposedly teach me “the
secrets to building stock market wealth.”

A lot of people are believers.
In fact, there’s a huge investment subculture that follows the seven-step
process buried within that acronym and devised by a financial guru from Playa
del Rey. I am about to push a button and become one of his disciples.


  1. Don Riley says:

    What was Can Slim’s performance in 2000 and 2001. I imagine probably better than the major averages, but did it still get beaten up?

  2. Whats the CANSLIM answer?? TO DATE?