Why Doesn’t Yahoo Use Yahoo?

I had pointed out to me in email that a question on Scotland Yard over at Ask Yahoo starts off by searching for the answer in Yahoo, only to give up and find the answer in Google. Why might that be?, the writer asked.

My answer is that it’s purely an issue of the date: Nov. 22, 2000. Yahoo wasn’t spidering as aggressively (at all?) back then, so it relied on Google for search results. While it would be a good story to find that Yahoo still relies on Google, this factoid doesn’t prove it.


  1. I wonder how many Microsoft employees use a FireFox browser to search Google?

  2. PK gimme a break! you should take this post down. the “ask” entry is from 2000, when yahoo was still outsourcing its algorithmic sort to, among others, google! why do you think this page is even remotely irregular given that?? added to which its refreshing that now, like then, yahoo has given its editorial staff a wide berth to serve users in the best way possible, which in 2000, was google.

  3. I posted as much in the second para above …