The Siren Song of Technonationalism

There is an interesting (if somewhat wonkish) essay in the current Far Eastern Economic review on rapidly increasing science & technology spending (and its consequences) in China, South Korea, and India.

In China, expenditures on R&D rose from 0.6% of GDP in 1995 to 1.44% in 2005; the goal for 2020 is 2.5% of GDP. In India it increased from 0.84% in 1997 to 1% in 2004, while in South Korea, expenditures moved from 2.25% in 1999 to 2.64% in 2003.

The piece is a little more even-handed than I would be, and makes less of the Hwang Woo-suk case than it might have, but it’s still worth reading.