The SEC Has Stars in its Eyes

While SEC commissioners were too busy to notice the subpoena sent to journalists recently, commissioner Cynthia Glassman isn’t too busy to hang out with Hollywood. As nutty as it might seem, she is trying to convince sitcom writers to incorporate stock-talk into sitcoms.

Glassman said she envisioned a story line on a show such as the canceled NBC
sitcom “Friends,” in which the character Joey is befuddled by his 401k account
and asks Monica and Chandler for help.

Me-thinks a little more focus at the SEC on things that actually matter would be more useful than fantasizing about  regulatory product placement in a canceled sitcom.


  1. and do its job on compliance and not just pass the burden along to corporate management in the form of SOX. see my comments on SOX below
    Let’s take some of the savings from paying the Big 5 accounting firms for the SOX bonanza and actually fund the SEC better. If we can be convinced the SEC will take the role seriously.