The Google PPTs

I think the furor has died down, so without as much risk of attracting a tidal wave of traffic I’ll post a link to the now-infamous Google “analyst day” PowerPoints. I’ve put my copy up on

[Update] Demand for the 16.5mb Google PPTs has been way higher than I expected, so the excellent folks at have obligingly upped my quota to handle the demand. Thanks much, Dylan!


  1. Thanks Paul !!!

  2. Thanks, gives a nice insight into google’s direction

  3. Paul,
    What’s your take on the slides? Do they show a side of Google that would soothe your natural Google contrarian-ism?
    I think they do reveal a ton of info about things that were under hot speculation – including the Cringely theory. Also Google’s MBA hordes are making their presence known with SWOT analysis and PPT…
    Some comments on the AdSense parts here:

  4. woo.. nice.. thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a zip file that contains the ppt document. And the ppt doc is dated 3/6/06 at 11:15 PM. Yet the Analyst Day was held on 3/2/06.
    Are you sure this is the real file, or did someone just copy the comments from Derrick’s site into this?

  6. Nope, it’s the original, as downloaded by me. I have neither the time nor the inclination to insert comments from elsewhere into a PPT file. I may have had it open at some point and inadvertently changed the modified date, but that’s about it.

  7. Paul, thanks for the clarification that you personally downloaded the file from Google.

  8. JF FARNY says:

    Yo, I really wonder why there is nothing about Google News, even written white on white. Apparently, it has totally disappeared but NetRatings still ranks it as the third service most visited.
    Is that future, or somebody have the clue ?

  9. Thank you!

  10. I want to knonw about google.thank you.