The Brilliance Trap

Joe Huntins articulates a compelling “brilliance fails” view on a certain much-lauded Valley startup:

…is a brilliant technical idea with brilliant backers and exceptional buzz and it will … fail.

This is a company made in Silicon Valley by Silicon Valley for Silicon Valley and it simply won’t play in Peoria or even NYC.


  1. that quote certainly stings, and I’m not even the one it’s directed at.

  2. I love the EdgIO Idea (it has been common and in various forms -and to my limited knowledge- for 3+ years) and it is a Natural result of tags, self publishing, and personal feeds trends. However, the reason nobody else did this first is it is 100% indefensible. 100%
    Are they going to build a bigger ecommerce market than Amazon? or Auction Market than ebay?or Classified Market than Craigslist?
    or MSFT, GOOG, YHOO???
    Before any and every one of the above allows me/you/grandma to ping them also with ‘listings’ tag????
    That is why no one else has done it yet. The big companies will be fast followers and allow EdgeIO to educate folks on the idea then allow pings to their own commerce engines.
    I could be wrong and have been many times before.
    Good Luck Guys!