The Absurdity of the Multi-Head Shower

I see from the latest AIA data that “multi-head shower” leads the way as the most desirable feature in upscale baths. Interestingly, at least to me, I was thinking about multi-head showers just last weekend when at the Westin Hotel in Whistler. The shower there bristled with menacing-looking heads, like a cross between a heretofor unknown black DoD program and something from the Marquis de Sade watersports catalog.

Having now brought this topic up with friends I have discovered the poverty of my showering existence. People are telling me that nothing less than four shower-heads — spread evenly from thigh to head — is de rigeur. One friend volunteered that his master bedroom shower has 12 shower heads, all arrayed vertically as well as spread evenly around you in 290 degrees of rotation.

So, here’s my question: Why? Sure, it might briefly be fun feeling a little like Sean Connery in Dr. No  (sans Ursula Andress) washing off excess radioactivity, but after a while I think so many shower heads would start to feel … silly. Is such a prodigious display of inconspicuous consumption really worthwhile?


  1. Apparently, it is, for your friends. I would find new people to hang out with.

  2. Don Riley says:

    I would like a couple in the floor for the under-carriage wash.

  3. Yes Paul, It is worth it. It really is.

  4. They must go through a lot more soap than people with regular showers.