Technology: How to be a Gmail Master

Lifehacker has out a great guide to becoming a true Gmail master. I learned all sorts of things, including that I was using the wrong Gmail macros script, that I’m under-using labels, and that I needed to add AutoHotkey to my quiver of Gmail-related tools. These issues are now duly fixed, fixed, and fixed.


  1. i like gmail in general, i find it has the best interface, lighter than, yet intrinsically as functional as the new yahoo mail (which i feel is far too heavy without providing key benefits). gmail also has good spam filtering.
    that said, gmail does have some issues that preclude me from using it as my full-time client:
    1. inflexible custom filtering. once you have used a scriptable system like seive (which itself is not perfect), its very difficult to go to the filtering provided by any of the major services.
    2. some weirdness with labels. particularly when deleting emails from the sent and trash folders, i have found later that i inadvertantly got rid of some stuff i wanted to keep.
    3. still not “correctly” handling mutliple sender addresses, particularly if you want to mask your use if gmail.
    4. small ui goofs, like the now-corrected ‘delete’ button issue, which should have been right from day one.
    5. privacy issues. your mileage may vary based on your paranoia.
    6. no imap.
    as a result of these i have migrated to, which i would heartily endorse. yes you have to pony up some $$, but you will never see an ad, you will get lots of storage space, you will get FULL imap, you will not get your email subpeona’d by the FBI (yet) or be integrated into a search index for advetizers, you will ge tfully scriptable filtering, etc. they also have great support forums.
    their web UI is also not perfect but since they provide full imap support, you can use any of the major clients.