Riya: The Lost 30 Days

Munjal Shah over at photo recognition service Riya has been holding out on us — like 30 days of posts. He put them all up today in one big swag, and it’s great “you were there” reading about the final days before a company’s first major product launch.

Maybe it’s my inner VC, but I’m particularly fond of how seriously he takes commitments made during the Series A financing meetings. I also like how upfront he is about the constant compromises and issue prioritizing that happened in the final days before the wide beta release.

Great stuff, Munjal. And congrats on the progress.


  1. Contrarian (at least to Paul’s tendencies) indicator of Web 2.0 bubble found in the 30 days of posts:
    “This is the annual Wharton MBA Trek to Silicon Valley. I spoke at this in 2000 and almost 500 MBAs came out to California. This time it is 30. I must say I was relieved. When all the MBAs and McKinsey consultants start leaving their jobs to come to the valley, you are in the middle of a bubble. We must just be in a bublet…;-).”
    I.e. just a normal market…

  2. Paul thanks for reading through all of that! I think you must be the only one who had that much patience…;-). I appreciate kind words. I’d love met you face to face some time if you are in Redwood City.

  3. I got into Riya as a beta tester and I have to tell you that the photo-tagging and face recognition is highly addictive. I am quickly assembling what feels like an FBI file on all my friends and family.
    The site has so far been robust.
    I was very excited for the product, but assumed that it would be vaporware. No one was more surprised than me to receive the invite email.