Putting the ‘Hype’ in We

Newsweek has an unintentionally (I think) terrifying cover story (“Putting the ‘We’ in Web”) out on Web 2.0 startups. Combined with the recent explosion in the number of unsolicited “MySpace-of….” business plans showing up in my inbox, and the ongoing AdSense obsession, I’m thinking of putting an anti-Web 2.0 filter in Gmail and my feed reader.

As an aside … Stewart? Caterina? Were you tricked into doing those cover shots?

More seriously, sincere congrats for getting the Newsweek cover — my crotchety anti-hype comments aside, it’s still a very big deal.


  1. Surely even you have a mom, Paul. No-one says “no” to the cover of Newsweek. (The inside photos are pretty good 😉

  2. TheFacts says:

    This is some seriously irresponsible journalism from Newsweek. I think this chart says it all:

  3. Hi Paul,
    My mom (and dad) loved it, even though they have no idea what the live web is.

  4. fartikus says:

    it pains me to say this, it seems rude, but the flickrs have lapsed full-on into media-whore territory. take a cue from the yahoo founders, lay off the self-promotion.

  5. easy to say when you’re not on the cover 😉

  6. Dick Costolo says:

    I bet I could have been on the cover of Newsweek if I’d done something remarkable.

  7. The “web 2.0” bubble can’t implode fast enough for me…

  8. http://jeremy.linuxworld.com/web_20_goes_mainstream.htm
    (Paul, do you not have trackback enabled on this blog? – my bad, for not spotting it, if you do.)

  9. Jeremy — No, I don’t have trackback enabled right now. Was having too much trouble with various folks.