Patrick Byrne: On a Clear Day You Can See the Sith Lord

Does anyone have a digital copy of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s appearance on CNBC this morning? Sounds like it was a classic, with him denying that he is the Sith Lord behind the current SEC investigation (while conceding he had spoken to the SEC), meanwhile waving placards and running straight into guest host Herb Greenberg.

[Update] The videos can be found on the Wall Street Journal site. The Byrne video is here, and Herb Greenberg’s response is here. Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff. I hardly know where to start, but at the very least Byrne’s scripted use of a placard with various website URLs on it while talking about other people’s conspiracy theories has to rank as one of the most bizarre moments in the history of business television.


  1. I missed the peice this morning. Would love to see a link if/when you get the video!

  2. Randy Singh says:

    Great column on the Byrne appearance in the Gary Weiss blog. He draws a connection between the current anti-shorting hysteria and a similar outburst in the mid-1990s.

  3. Andrew Schmitt says:
  4. Thanks Andrew. That is _absolutely_ unbelievable.

  5. ROTFL, ten times over, and then one more time.
    I can alsways count on Infectious Greed for a good laugh.

  6. Paul I know this hits close to home and I am a subscriber to TheStreet & RealMoney since day one so I respect Greenberg & Cramer and yourself BUT Some of things Byrne says resonate.
    1) Gradient is definitely shady (says multiple former analysts/writers under subpoena.
    2) Rocker Partners have been villanized for years and probably deservedly so….)
    3) In that clip she felt compelled to look at the negative side towards Overstock and not even agree the financials were restated upwards thats a big point in my book…
    Byrne (probably crazy) but you gotta admit Paul, this does not look good.
    I am used to balanced reporting from you…Where is the merit to this case. There has to be some as the Judges in CA agree.
    Sincerely. ZWH