More Microsoft Delays?

According to ComputerWorld, Microsoft is already tipping its hat to testers that Windows delays will be more than the “a few weeks” cited by Jim Allchin in this week’s week’s conference call:

Beta testers familiar with Microsoft’s plans to release test versions of the
OS said today that although Microsoft has said Vista development has been
delayed a few weeks, the date on which the OS will be released to manufacturers
has been pushed back a full two months.

Instead of reaching manufacturers on Aug. 25, as originally scheduled, Vista
will now be released to them on Oct. 25, sources said. The next community
technology preview (CTP) release of Vista, which is the completion of the Beta 2
cycle, also has been moved to May 24 from its original release date of April 12.
Similarly, the first release candidate of Vista, originally set for mid-July, is
now slated for Aug. 25.


  1. Michael Robinson says:

    What it looks like on the inside:
    Basically we do not believe Vista will make January 2007 or even March 2007. Anyone with any access knows what a frankenstein’s monster NT is on the inside. At some point there is a law of diminishing returns trying to do anything to it at all, it seems like that limit is being reached today. The release is pushed back because of bugs but fixing those bugs will create more bugs. It is just godawful to be honest. And the process gets in the way at every step.
    At some point we will have to do something and i know at least some in my team privately agree with me. We will have to throw out everything and start again. This is what Apple did with OSX, and sure it was painful, but it worked and now they’re kicking our asses. We should have done that in 2000. Now it is even more obvious we should do it. Start again and just run a compatibility layer on top. Apple did it with classic why can’t we???
    IF we manage to ship vista at ALL then it is a miracle and the absolute last rev we can possible do working like this. It is insane the manhours wasted rearranging a house of cards. We need to START AGAIN PEOPLE.
    After vista if we don’t do this i am outta here. For every step forward there is a step back. After 5 years who can be proud of the actual distance forward they have come??
    I didn’t sign up for this BS. And you know the rumors that apple has a full DBFS for 10.5. I want to be working on that, i need to feel like i’m creating something good, not fighting 10 years old cruft every step of the way. I know i am not the only person who feels this way!!