Materials from Google Day

I’ll use this post to provide a growing list of materials from Google’s Analyst Day.

. Note that Google deleted the original slides for analyst day, replacing them with PDFs. The company had left some notes in the slides mentioning unannounced products, so down they went.

[Update] If you’re here looking for said PowerPoint file, please follow this link to get to where I’ve posted the file for download.


  1. Your “Google Presentation” link seems to be broken (pointing to a PPT). This one seems to work:

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Rick. I actually have the original PPTs here — downloaded them in time. I’ll put them in a less bw-intensive format (they’re currently 19mb), and put them back up again for folks.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Could you please share the original PPT.

  4. Have got it, but not sure where to put it that I won’t get swamped with data requests. It’s 10.6mb in PDF form, so that could easily become onerous.

  5. Paul, Since you appear to have a copy of the PPT deck with “some notes in the slides mentioning unannounced products” could you at least confirm or deny Greg Linden’s claims regarding such notes. See his post for more information: .
    Apparently, Tomy Lorsh has a copy of the PPT as well: . But it does not contain the comments that Greg “quotes”. Does your copy support Greg’s quotes?
    — Nick

  6. send it to me – i will share it!

  7. Share the original .ppt as a torent and put the link here?

  8. As I say in an update to this post, I have made the original PPTs here at