March Bandwidth Madness

I’m fascinated by the fascination with the bandwidth worries over CBS Sportsline’s streaming of March Madness basketballover the Internet. Without denying that enough streams could eventually take a network down, can anyone point me to specifics where it has happened already?

obAside: Just between you folks and me, as an ex-pat Canadian I’ve never understood this whole college basketball fascination in the U.S. But don’t tell anyone tho as I worry I’ll be drummed out of the country.


  1. Maybe it’s because I’m from a Canadian border state, but I file myself agreeing with you about America’s irrational fascination with NCAA hoops. Let’s make it our little secret.

  2. ask Cubans and Japanese what they are mad about this March…Canadians and Americans are focused elsewhere on spring training or hockey…oh and basketball!

  3. Funny, as an ex-pat American in Canada, I don’t get hockey either. But then, I never got basketball either.

  4. Ouch, a don’t-get two-fer! If you’re not careful you’ll soon find yourself living in Belgium and obsessing over rugby.