Kleinerology: The KP Partners’ Reaction to Zillionaire

The main question most people had about Tom Perkins “Sex and the Single Zillionaire” book was almost certainly, What the hell did the partnership at Kleiner think? A notoriously secretive bunch, at least when it comes to internal processes, Perkins’ book had to have caused a few palpitations. Apparently, not so much:

Q Have you heard from anyone in the VC community? Any feedback?

A I just heard from a
former colleague at Hewlett-Packard who I haven’t seen for 25-30 years.
But he read the book and liked it. Of course my partners have all read
it. They were originally shocked, and now they think it’s fun. They are
giving it out to friends and investors.

Q Which partner was the most shocked?

A I think Frank Caufield. He said, “He did what?”
But I think they like it. I think in a way they are kind of proud of me
because it is a very different thing. I never expected to do this.