How Yahoo Finance Begat Google Finance

Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny has up a brave post about how Yahoo Finance basically dropped the ball and let Google Finance into the game. Good to see such candor from an insider.

Not to divulge confidences, but Jeremy and I have spoken about this issue in the past. We realized quickly that we have clear views about where services like Yahoo/Google Finance should be going — there is immense opportunity and neither service has even scratched the surface — so it has been particularly painful watching Yahoo stand still in finance while everyone knew that Google was coming.


  1. fartikus says:

    how could yahoo have prevented google getting into the finance site biz?
    are you supporting jeremy’s position that if yahoo had simply listened to him, all potential competitors would have been so totally floored by the resulting awesomeness that they simply would not have bothered to compete at all? fallacy upon arrogant fallacy.
    no, google was getting into this market no matter what. and they were going to differentiate from yahoo on something no matter what.
    and rank-and-file employees at these companies have enough masters to serve (their bosses, investors, users) without needing to worry about their coworkers taking mental notes on them to highlight their apparent incompetence in a coming-soon blog posting. want to kill risk taking? create an environment where employees feel that their shortcomings and general dirty laundry will be aired out by their coworkers in public for adsense traffic.
    if i can’t trust you, i’m not going to take risks with you.

  2. Agreed, Google was going to get into this market no matter what Yahoo (or anyone else) did. That said, Yahoo made it far too easy for Google to enter quasi-credibly with a me-too product that did relatively little new.
    Wrt the issue of dirty laundry and Jeremy’s public airing of disappointment in Yahoo Finance, I am less convinced. Granted, a tattle-tale culture where every misdeed turns into a blog post would be risk-killing. On other hand, by posting what he has Jeremy, in effect, let people outside the company know that Yahoo isn’t monolithic and humans inside are paying attention. That isn’t such a bad idea.

  3. fartikus says:

    don’t get me wrong, i am all for admonishments, coming-out, saying “we f’d up” in public, but i also think there has to be some rules about how this is done. by letting any employee with a blog take on this task, you set the stage for public flamewars, potential libel, etc etc.
    and because jeremy is a quasi-endorsed blogger at yahoo, some slighted employees may not be able to put the comments in context.
    to me, the simple rule would be employees don’t mention work on their private blogs. this levels the playing field and erases a serious culture-killer.

  4. One Way Stox says:

    If Google really wants to categorize all the world’s information, as well as knock out Yahoo! Finance, they’d incorporate google finance with FREE REAL TIME STREAMING QUOTES & CHARTS

  5. Way back when a little Google bird told me that was under serious discussion. Apparently fell of the design ….