Google Loses Again

Google’s bad month of March continues:

A federal judge said Tuesday he intends to require Google Inc. to turn over some information to the Department of Justice in its quest to revive a law making it harder for children to see online pornography.
U.S. District Judge James Ware did not immediately say whether the data will include words that users entered into the Internet’s leading search engine.

Like so many slippery slopes, this particular one may (or may not) seem so worrisome, but it will be a kind of full employment act for government lawyers looking to use Google searches as a data set for their issue du jour. Put differently, Google’s annual legal expenses just had a higher-than-expected floor set under them.


  1. It’s not that big a deal. Really. This was always more Google making noise than a legal issue of much weight. It shouldn’t be accounted to Google’s legal expenses, but their public relations expenses.

  2. Venkatesh says:

    This can cause severe problems for google in getting people convinced to use the proposed Gdrive and webOS. It was well worth a legal defence if your future business can get impacted by this ruling.

  3. They could just put out an API for the scrolling projected query stream and let everyone see it. Open source what they have in every lobby.
    Government can sample away any time they like.
    Info wants to be free and all…