Getting Greased with Gmail

Lifehacker has a funny piece today about getting “greased”. The site tipped some new Gmail features, complete with screenshots — inline images, tables, etc. — only to retract later, saying there were no such new Gmail features.

Huh? Welcome to getting greased. I owe Mark Pilgrim at Etech for the phrase, but getting “greased” has to do with using Greasemonkey extensions for so long that you forget you’ve installed ’em. Then one day you notice a “new” feature — Oooh, Gmail has tables! — not remembering it’s actually a Greasemonkey hack, and duly race off to tell people.

Whoops. Welcome to getting greased.


  1. Gmailskins != Greasemonkey
    You are not the first one to think this though :)
    This is pretty funny, it happened when I first added the smilies too, I should make it clearer on the downloads page heh.

  2. Ugh, thanks for the clarification.