, ResponderInfo, and the Online Lead Generation Business

There is a useful piece in AdAge that uses to talk about the rise of online incentive marketing. The giveaway site is grossing $20mm a year using free iPods as a come-on to get people to give up personal information, participate in contests, and so on.

Lead generation and referrals are the fastest-growing segment of the online advertising business, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, jumping more than 200% from the first half of 2004 to the first half of 2005, going from $114 million to $347 million and from 2% to 6% of all online marketing spending.

Relatedly, Forbes has a short piece talking about a new site, Responderinfo (which seems to be down right now), where you can apparently collect names of people who have been dumb enough to give accurate data when filling out online lead generation forms.


  1. Geez – I always thought that free iPod stuff was a scam. Turns out it’s legit, and supported by AOL:
    Making Free iPods Pay Off (Wired)