Elvis in San Diego

Eventful has a fascinating and innovative new feature, one where you can lobby at a grassroots level to bring a particular event or performer to a particular place. I thought about lobbying for the Dalai Lama to come to Washington — you know, for world peace and all that — but I’ve decided instead to lobby for Elvis in San Diego.

Please click through and vote for it. Together we can make Elvis in San Diego happen.

[Update] Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is on the website. Requests for Elvis to come to San Diego now have that “demand” on the Eventful front page (between Yo-Yo- Ma and Chuck Norris).


  1. I expected someone to pull a wiseass snarky move like this when we launched. Kinda surprised it was you though. I’m gonna remove this demand as it just screws up the system and dilutes the value we’re trying to delier.